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Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle tracking is just one of the ways your vehicle can be protected and can be split in to two categories – fleet management and stolen vehicle tracking. The difference between the two categories is that fleet management tracks a number of cars, owned by an organisation, and stolen vehicle tracking tracks a single car once it has been stolen. There are a number of other additional features that are provided by the two types of vehicle tracking that are explained in the text below.

Fleet Management
Fleet management solutions allow employers, for example, to keep track of their work force. This may have the effect of increasing the workability of employees because they know that they are being watched. Fleet management solutions would also result in some organisations becoming more efficient as jobs can be sent directly to the employee, enabling them to travel straight to their next job instead of returning to the workplace for instruction. The navigation system, within the fleet management solution, calculates a route that is low in traffic and presents directions to the driver, allowing them to spend more time with customers and less time driving.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Stolen vehicle tracking systems do exactly as it says on the tin – track vehicles that have been identified as stolen. A tracking device is installed on the vehicle in a place where it is not visible so that thieves are unaware of the device and cannot remove it before committing the crime. If the vehicle is being stolen a silent alert is sent to the manufacturing company who then begin to track the vehicle via GPS. Some stolen vehicle tracking systems have the advantage of European coverage, increasing the chances of your vehicle being found. If the police find the vehicle, the manufacturing company will be notified and the vehicle will be returned to the owner.